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Get to Know Emily!

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Hey everyone, I’m Emily! I’m a fourth-year student at Western University where I am currently pursuing an Honours Specialization in Creative Writing and English Language and Literature (which is basically just a long complicated name that means I like English and Writing). I aspire to take on journalism as my career and look forward to writing content for this blog!

I was born in Vietnam and in a very Harry Potter-like fashion was mysteriously left on the doorstep. (My friends have theories that I’m secretly a wizard and just haven’t tapped into my powers yet but I’m not sure about that one.) Aside from my cinematic start, I grew up in a small town outside of London, Ontario. I currently still live there with my mom, dad and younger sister. Staying near home has allowed me to stay connected to close family and friends which has really helped me navigate the chaos that is university.

When I’m not at school you’ll probably find me dancing, watching Friends or singing Disney songs in my car. I also work at an ice cream place which has resulted in me memorizing over 40 different flavours. If you ever need recommendations – I’m your girl.

Outside of academics, I am also a writer for Her Campus Western. Writing for this women’s-run magazine has allowed me to connect with various powerful women and help bring attention to the voices of my fellow female students. Although I haven’t fully entered the workforce yet, I’m no stranger to gender-based discrimination. By joining BoostHER, I hope to continue my goal of highlighting powerful women in the workforce to help others feel less alone while navigating the “real world”. I can’t wait to start my work at BoostHER this fall and look forward to writing more posts very soon!

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