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Gallery Art Collective

Showcasing your artistry and creativity

Sydney McIntyre

Butterfly Girl - to create this artwork, I first sketched the girl (having no idea where I was taking this drawing), then traced it again with "watercolour" markers creating the rainbows and butterflies. I also did digital touchups to finish it off! I wanted to draw a woman but also depict a powerful woman emanating her strength through colours. I hope this piece holds unique connotations to different people and inspires women to let their amazing personalities shine through :) - Sydney McIntyre

Rachel Moore

I've been referring to this piece as 'Miss Universe', though anyone can relate to it. Women are often at the center of body image issues and social pressures to look a certain way. This poem encourages women to look past the aesthetics of their physical appearance and focus on the lives they've lived - Rachel Moore

Connected - Mayar Ahmed

There's this misconception sometimes that you either think or make decisions with your brain OR your heart - "the thinkers" and "the feelers". This piece is about how once you finally have that bond between your brain and heart and align them together, you light up - Mayar Ahmed

Unattainable - Mayar Ahmed

I didn't have a title at first for the piece but I decided to call it "Unattainable" because to me it's about girl power, self love and defying the unrealistic beauty standards that is sometimes set by society and unattainable. We are constantly sold magazines, products and services that are meant to mold us into what is thought as "perfect" but I love how slowly women are defining what is beautiful to THEM - whatever that might be - Mayar Ahmed

Helen Zhang

This picture represents self-care and the importance of taking care of yourself - Helen Zhang

Ria Iyer

This art piece depicts the faces of our organizations team, and while we’re all different we are united by our passion for female empowerment and lilac sweaters - Ria Iyer

Jessie Li

This art piece emphasizes that women should be free to wear what makes her confident - Jessie Li

Leia Kook-Chun

When I think of women empowerment, I think of my closest friends. We’ve grown so much together, I don’t know who I would be without them. We’re there for each other through the laughs and the tears. We build each other up! - Leia Kook-Chun

Liliya Eruysal

In my artwork I wanted to portray being proud of your identity and not letting others demean you based on your sex or how you present yourself; whether that's through choice in clothing, make up, attitude, etc. I created this in hopes of representing EmpowHER in a way where we begin to empower each other by being confident and prideful in our own skins. - Liliya Eruysal


I was always told to not aim too high because I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Yet here I am, aiming higher than ever. So many times, women are told to not be so ambitious, but I am here to tell you to be as ambitious as you can. Ambition is powerful and magical. Never settle for less than what you deserve. I drew a cyclops to symbolize her slight difficulty of having to aim with her one eye. Yet despite her barriers, I am confident she will aim for her target goals. And I know you will too-Dula

Victoria Martin

I think that being comfortable in your own skin as a woman is a form of resistance. I've been conditioned by society to hate my body, to hate my interests, my skills, and in essence myself. Bearing my skin with pride under societies ever present is a rejection of all of those beliefs is incredibly powerful to me - Victoria Martin

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