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Get to know Mahnoor

Updated: Apr 4

Hi, my name is Mahnoor! I’m one of the blog writers for BoostHER. I’m in my 3rd year of Gender, Sexuality, and Women's studies. I joined BoostHER because it’s a platform that advocates for the empowerment of women—something I feel extremely passionate about. 

As a GSWS student, I often read about ways one is empowered and can empower others—and how big of a privilege it is to be able to speak on any injustice. As students we may feel small sometimes, and our actions may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things. However, student voices matter so much more than we are sometimes led to believe. Students have the ability to change discourse around the ways knowledge is produced. How we talk about things matters, and who we talk about matters. 

 Fun facts about me are that I was originally a sociology student, and then I transferred into GSWS. I have 3 dogs—all three are equally cute. I love reading and writing, I find it extremely therapeutic. Don't get me wrong—i’m not particularly good at either but it's still a lot of fun whenever I do it. This perhaps isn't a “fun” fact but I'm hopeless when playing card games. I NEVER understand the instructions even if my friends explain them to me a billion times. So, if you like the satisfaction of always winning—please feel free to play card games with me. 

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