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What A Year!

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Hi everyone! Long time no chat💜 Let’s get right into it, shall we?

What! A! Year!

A year ago, BoostHER began as an idea between two best friends, passionate and dedicated to creating a real change for women in the workplace across all industries. It didn’t take long for two to grow to three, then four, and so on, until our team of seven intelligent, hardworking, creative executive members was built. It has been an absolute privilege of mine to work alongside Christina, Ria, Victoria, Prerna, Jessie, and Micaela to build BoostHER from the ground up, each of us unflagging in our efforts to make achieve gender-based equity in all professional and academic workspaces.

BoostHER was built upon three pillars: purpose, pursuits, and perseverance, and we have remained committed to these ideals of what inspired us to begin, what drives us in the work we do, and what encourages us to continue. Each member of BoostHER’s team has come from different places, with our own unique stories, experiences, and skill sets, but we have found commonality in our passion for female empowerment and continue to bond and grow in this shared value. Behind each of BoostHER’s initiatives, our three pillars prevail.

The joy and sense of pride I, myself, have experienced watching BoostHER grow and evolve over the past year has been overwhelming and I feel so confident in speaking for my fellow team members as well - we could not be more thrilled. Our first big initiative was BoostHER’s mentorship program, through which we successfully connected 41 mentees with 26 professional mentors and 15 student mentors. Facilitating these connections was exciting, but receiving all kinds of wonderful feedback from both mentees and mentors has been the most rewarding - knowing we have helped to form meaningful, professional relationships between women across all industries reminds us of why BoostHER began.

In the latter part of this year, we welcomed nine incredible brand ambassadors into our BoostHER team, each of whom have played a vital role in amplifying BoostHER’s message. We are beyond elated to see our team grow and to welcome and inspire more women, as we continue to hire new, outstanding additions to the team.

Our flagship event on International Women’s Day garnered over 80 attendees from across the province. We were fortunate enough to hear from some of Canada’s most impressive professional women, and to join forces with various local, female-owned small businesses to celebrate the power of women, specifically in the workplace.

Additionally, BoostHER’s social media pages continue to grow and gain more traction, and are constantly flooded with support and inspiration from the Western community and beyond. Our blogs have received more than a hundred views (holy, I’m shedding happy tears!), and our fantastic FEMTalks series continues to receive the highest of praises… and for this we say THANK YOU! BoostHER could not be what it is without the endless support we receive from all of you.

We cannot wait to see what the future has in store for BoostHER, and we cannot wait to share it with all of you. I feel so lucky to be a part of this wonderful, powerful, inspiring organization, and to work alongside some of the most capable young women I have ever met.


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