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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

As of 2018, women made up 48% of entry-level employees in the labour force, but only 38% of manager positions, 34% of senior managers or directors, 29% of vice presidential positions, 23% of senior vice presidents, and just 22% of C-suite executives. 60% of women have experienced sexual abuse and/or harassment in the workplace, while nearly 70% of women have experienced microaggressions at work based on their gender, race, and/or sexual orientation.

… Enter: BoostHER, a passionate group of individuals looking to educate EVERYONE about the power of women in the workplace

BoostHER’s mission: Females redefining the workplace by connecting to, learning from, and boosting each other in and across all industries.

BoostHER not only acknowledges women of all races, classes, sexes, abilities, age, and backgrounds but celebrates them and the infinite power they hold. As we aim to tackle the issues faced by women in the workplace, BoostHER remains dedicated to intersectionality, recognizing the value of all women and their experiences. We want to share our stories and listen and learn from yours.

Our goal is to provide a medium for authentic storytelling, to facilitate meaningful connections, and inspire real change across fields of work. Tune into our blog for regular posts showcasing the obstacles overcome, perseverance demonstrated, and overall awesomeness of successful women across all industries.

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