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Get to Know Sahar

Hello everyone, my name is Sahar but my close friends call me Sahara at times to fuel my alter ego. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to introduce myself as one of BoostHER’s newest blog writers for the education portfolio. I am currently in my fourth year at Western University completing an Honors Specialization in International Relations. For starters, BoostHER is a team of innovative women eager to facilitate female equity in the workplace and academic settings in hopes of producing productive agents of change. This community organization intends to do so through interactive events, social media campaigns, informative blogs and other meaningful experiences. For you to understand my role better, here’s a little bit about myself.

I’d like to call myself a Coral Reef Research Diver, but my professor would prefer to label me as a VSCO girl! Maybe I just watch too many movies, but I act as if Volkswagens, 70s music and boy bands are personality traits. Ironically, my political ideologies match with Abbie Hoffman's Yippie counterculture. To give you some insight on why I chose to join the BoostHER team I’d have to write you a laundry list of my daddy issues, toxic masculinity and patriotism, but I won't go there yet.

To sum up, marginalization has played a key role in my life and in shaping my identity today. However, my program has enabled me to engage with key literature in the field of epistemology, political philosophy and geopolitics. This experience has helped me make meaningful connections to systematic forms of oppression and my personal experiences. Thus, devoting myself to aspire to play a prominent role in empowering women.

In order to excel in our empowerment strategy, I encourage the audience to follow up on our blog page as my role entails cooperating with other members of BoostHer’s ambitious team to deliver engaging content. Spoiler alert, the theme for the blog for this coming month is intersectionality.

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