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Get to know Nafisa!

Updated: Apr 4

Hi, my name is Nafisa Nuzhat, and I am in my second year of pursuing an Honors Specialization in Biology at Western University! I have always been passionate about science, and I look forward to an exciting and challenging future where I do what I love every day. With that being said, I understand the importance of having a strong support system and network of like-minded women who recognize the struggles of entering the workplace as a woman. As a part of BoostHER, I look forward to connecting with women in the professional field I plan to join someday.

Besides all things biology, I am passionate about helping young women achieve their potential and build success. Being part of a marginalized group in Canada, I understand the challenges we face to find opportunities and climb the ladder. I am excited for my role as a blog writer to produce engaging and relatable content to empower women as a part of BoostHER’s mission to drive female equity in professional settings and help women achieve success.

When I’m not locked in my room for several hours studying for exams, you can find me reading some historical fiction books. My first hobby was reading, as far back as I can remember. My most prized possession is a 3-tier bookshelf full of books that made me cry, laugh, learn, and experience existential crises. Inspired by the artistry of words from my favorite authors, I began exploring writing through both creative and academic routes. I am very excited to join the BoostHER team as a blog writer and be able to use my creativity in writing to create an empowering space for my fellow women.

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