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Get to Know Fizza Jafri

Hey there! My name is Fizza Jafri, and I am one of the Blog Writers/Creative Associates at BoostHER Ryerson. My pronouns are she/her, and apart from writing for the BoostHER blog series, I am a full time first year student at the Ted Rogers School of Management in the Business Technology Management Program. Although I initially had zero idea on what this program had to offer, I am glad that it is the one that I am in. In a matter of months, I have come to learn that a field of work that was once dominated by men, is now one that holds a preference for female professionals. My goal after graduating from this program is to be able to carry the role of “Senior Technology Specialist”. I know that this is an oddly specific role title, and many workplaces might not recognize it, but this is my dad’s official work title. He has been a great emotional and physical support in my education journey, and continues to support me. Perhaps because he has worked in this field for a substantial amount of time, he has been witness to the change in this field of work and is an advocate for women in the tech industry.

As someone who had always had the shorter end of the stick when it comes to fitting in, working at BoostHER has made me realize that this is definitely not a unique experience for young women of color. Working alongside wonderful young women who have gone through the same experiences as I have, has made me feel less alone and in fact, part of something much bigger. BoostHER is an organization that strives to make women's professional experiences more meaningful. It is a way in which like minded young women can work together , to become the best version of their professional selves.

I joined BoostHER to help other women advance in their careers. From my time here thus far, I have gained just as much as I have given. Working in this organization has opened so many professional doors for me. It has made it easier to network with other people, especially women who currently work in the same field that I am studying. In regards to my work as a writer, I am more fit in writing ‘passion pieces’. These are works in which I attempt to grasp the emotions of a reader through basically pouring my emotions onto a page; it is a more informal method of writing. To get a better understanding of my writing style, check out my blog post titled ‘My Hijab’!

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