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Explore, Engage, Excel: Elevate Your University Experience Beyond Classes

Updated: Apr 4

University can get very repetitive and drain your energy. If you are tired of doing the same thing every day and feel as though you want to do more than attend your classes, then this post is for you. Getting involved in your school and social communities is an crucial part of university experience, as it is an enjoyable way to break a mundane routine while connecting with people and potentially learning critical skills. In this post, I will outline a few different ways one might get involved and energize their university journey! 

Get Involved with Clubs

Though joining a club is an obvious suggestion, it makes a top appearance on the list for many reasons. Joining a club that piques your interest has numerous benefits. Not only do you get to practice a hobby or passion, but also learn new skills that help build an all-rounded character and look great on a resume or an application. You can also network with like-minded individuals who share the same passion or career path. It is an amazing opportunity to have fun and be productive outside of class!

Gain Some Work Experience

Balancing a full course load and a part-time job is not easy, believe me. It may not be for everyone, but it is a suggestion nonetheless. For those who want or need to be financially independent, getting a part-time job that fits your academic schedule may be helpful. Developing your skill set while earning an income to support yourself during university is a difficult but rewarding path. Unsure of where to find a job? Some potential options include jobs on your university campus (a great option as they accommodate class schedules), shopping malls, remote work opportunities, or places in a convenient location for you!

Give Back to the Community 

If you think you left volunteering behind in high school, I hate to inform you that you are wrong. Volunteering is a critical practice for all university students, regardless of the discipline. Volunteering allows individuals to connect with their community and help others. Volunteer for a cause in which you believe or at an organization that interests you. Volunteering can help you prepare for your future career based on where you volunteer. You will walk out with new skills and experience, a sense of fulfillment, and maybe some great references for future endeavors! 

Attend school events

One benefit of having a large, diverse school and student body is the numerous events on campus throughout the year. This method goes hand in hand with joining a club because a lot of the events are organized by certain clubs. So, joining clubs is the best way to learn about the various activities. If you are not in the clubs you had hoped to join at the beginning of the year, I highly suggest you follow the clubs on social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.). This way, you can learn about future opportunities to get involved in the club and receive information about events they hold. These events can be anywhere from educational to social occasions. There are many great opportunities that can teach you skills, help with academic struggles, and accelerate your career path, you just have to look around! 

Explore the City

The best way to avoid getting overwhelmed or bored in a place is to get to know it! Students spend most of their time on campus and don’t get to see the wonderful amenities the city has to offer. From live events to ambient cafés, you are sure to find a place in your university town that will make you feel more connected to the city.​ Taking breaks from the academic routine to de-stress becomes more than just a necessity sometimes, and it serves as a perfect opportunity to get to know your city and find your next favorite spot!

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