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diciembre 10, 2014 referencia viernes, 15 de noviembre de 2014 noviembre 10, 2014 the former 1st Minister of Education, Dr. Elisa Álvarez, refers to the decision taken on 29 August 2014, by the University of Navarre, to establish a timetable for the abolition of the employment contract of Dr. Vicens Vives. One might infer from her statement that she doesn’t consider it just to do this in the middle of the year. Why, if it’s not possible in the middle of the year, does she have to wait until the end of it? Does Dr. Álvarez think that the time for deciding the case is not determined by the contract of employment, but rather by what it is the head of the Department, and of the University, who is satisfied with the case of Dr. Vicens Vives? In any case, it seems to be an arbitrary and illogical decision taken by the University of Navarra, as it has no legal foundation. In the comments, the following issues are raised: Why the University of Navarra was created, not by an act of parliament, but by a royal decree, which is outdated, as it refers to a number of issues that have already been resolved (such as the incompatibility of the work of the University with its purpose, and the job of the Secretary-General and director), since then they have been resolved, as it has been noted in the statutes, with the purpose of the University being one of teaching and research, and not so much administrative power, which is the case of the University of Navarra, since it is a private university. Why it is mentioned that the aim of the University of Navarra is the training of teachers, while it is a job that is more or less well-paid and above all, not entirely bureaucratic, as the rest of the staff of the University, where they have to do similar work, but with no salary, besides all that, that the University of Navarra is a Catholic institution (these issues were not resolved in the cited royal decree); it also does not change that the work of Dr. Vicens Vives has more to do with teaching, than with administrative work, as it is well known that the University is a Catholic institution, and that that has many consequences; that in no way it changes that the training of teachers, as there are many



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Descargar La Celestina Adaptada Vicens Vives.pdf rozagil

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